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Zllo Store history

Zllo store was born in Andrea Cortázar's studio in Mexico City in 2017 as an experiment to create a piece (a flowerpot) called "MACETETAS" in Spanish, which is a combination of the words "flowerpot" and "breasts." Andrea wanted to decorate her own space and was excited with the result. She felt that the piece reflected personal experiences and decided to make a statement to share with others who identify with the ideas of love for diversity and femininity. Andrea wanted to symbolize the act of nurturing and care by growing a seed of nature in one's own body (flowerpot). She envisioned thousands of possibilities in shapes, sizes, and colors.

Despite having few resources and being only 19 years old, she decided to produce 25 pots to enter a bazaar and gain visibility. It was at this event that an interviewer and two stores contacted her, and her business began to grow over the following months. Eventually, she officially created an artist brand, which focused on art-objects and experiments based on themes of diversity, femininity, nature, self-care, self-love, sexuality, and freedom. Andrea hopes to support social causes with these themes in the future.

As time went on, Zllo store began to expand its product line, which now includes mugs, jewelry, garments, and prints.

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