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• 9/03/2024 - Mujeres Creadoras edición “TIERRA” exposición colectiva, “ Jardín Prim” General Prim 32.

• 04/05/2024 - "Tierra fest 2024, 4ta Edición" Exposición colectiva en Centro Cultural EL RULE 


•11/06/2023 - Ausstellung 'FANTASTISCH – TRAUMHAFT – SURREAL'

KULTURPARKETT Gallery,  Zürcherstrasse 141 Zürich


•11th May 2022: Zllo Store "Nature and Body Diversities" catwalk and presentation in "La Garra Transgresora" by Brillantinas MUAC presented at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) as part of the exhibition "A Handmade Modernity. Craft Design in Mexico, 1952-2022."


• Collective virtual exhibition: "APPROACHES TO THE DISTANT BODY" on the platform (

• Collective exhibition "CLIMAX: Between the Sublime and Ecstasy," Territorio Mercarte

• Collective exhibition "The Atlas Nest" Contemporary Art Workshops TACO


• Collective exhibition "WE GOT LATE" at the UNIÓN Gallery

• Collective exhibition "AMALGAM (13)" at the Contemporary Art Workshops TACO

• Collective exhibition "Feminasty Fifth Edition" at La Nana, Urban Laboratory of Contemporary Art

• Guided tour of the exhibition "Everything Else" at the Tamayo Museum with Germán Venegas 2019

• Screen Printing Seminar at the "ATEA" space

• Collective exhibition "Sexual Diversity and its Shades" at aguafuerte Gallery, CDMX and Val'Quirico

• Talk by Claudia Luna "Doing Above Ideation"

• Current participation in the project "Graphic Miscellany" at Contemporary Art Workshops

• Collective exhibition and sale "Fanzinorama" Contemporary Art Workshops

• Collective exhibition in the installation of "Vagal Reflection" Contemporary Art Workshops


• Workshop "The Origin of Images" by Idaid Rodríguez (2017-2018)

• Diploma in Fine Arts at T.A.C.O. (Contemporary Art Workshop)


• Diploma in Fine Arts at T.A.C.O. (Contemporary Art Workshop)


• Plastic arts workshop taught by Carlos Gutiérrez 2010-2013 • Ceramics workshop taught by Koskatl



• Caricature and animation course taught by Oscar Acevedo (Boqui) 2008

• Painting workshop taught by Graciela Patricia Frutos Maza 2005-2009

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